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Secrets of eCommerce CRM strategy (what Klaviyo won't tell you)
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How to develop content that (actually) works (& turbo charge production speed with AI)
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How to optimize deliverability so that more subscribers read your emails
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ADVANCED: Must have pre & post-purchase flows
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The ONE email that ALWAYS works (it's the top-performing email for all our clients)
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How To Grow Your List Faster
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Email CRO & Personalization
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MATTEO GRASSI Co-Founder Popup | Ex Shopify September 14, 2021, Matteo was YOCTO’s client
A true master in retention marketing. I have been working with many agencies and freelancers but George has brought the best results combined with a outstanding work ethic.
ERIKAS PLOTKINAS CMO | June 1, 2022, Erikas was YOCTO’s client
“YOCTO’s team is super professional. Not only in doing their job perfectly, but also in providing support, answers to all needed questions, and practical help to drive results.”
MYKOLAS MICKUS CMO at ZENOO January 6, 2022, Mykolas was YOCTO’s client
I've worked with George on two projects now, and he's great. First, he doubled the conversion rates of our cart abandonment emails. Then he created advertorials for us that performed so well that we were able to scale our acquisition to new heights. This is one of the easiest recommendations I make because I know he will deliver results. Plus, he's easy to work with and an overall nice guy.

And last but not least, I love his honest approach to doing business. If he can deliver it - he will do it. If he can't - he will say that. He won't try desperately to oversell his services as many other people do.
VASILIS SKOLIKIS CMO | FitBuddy January 20, 2023, Vasilis was YOCTO's client
George is the creme de la creme of lifecycle email marketing. With the help of YOCTO & George, we managed to create, communicate and deliver value to a target market at a profit with top-class email marketing. George has amazing work ethics and he is really data-driven on his decisions.
IEVA VAITKUNSKAITĖ Head of D2C Growth | September 7, 2022, Ieva was YOCTO’s client
I have a chance to work with George this year and I can say only good words about him and the work he did! George was helping our company with conversion copywriting and email marketing. His knowledge, experience in both topics & insights that he shared with us after the audit and during the consultation sessions were very valuable. Would definitelly recommend to work with him, especially if you want to level up your game in email marketing.
KIEREN QUARMBY CEO at Digital Vikings October 4, 2021, Kieren was YOCTO’s client
I worked with George to take a deep dive into our email strategies, campaigns and analytics for our D2C eCommerce company. George did a phenomenal job and we came out the other end of our time together in a much healthier position.
KATYA SAMOTOI Managing Partner | Viceroy Group June 7, 2022, Katya was YOCTO’s client
I've been collaborating with George for quite a bit now and have to say - he is a retention marketing ninja. He takes Email Marketing to a whole new level! 100% recommend George to anyone.

Besides the amazing job he is doing, he is also a fantastic and easy-going human.
AUGUSTAS VINIKAS Email Marketing Lead | Keto Cycle September 14, 2021, Augustas was YOCTO’s client
I have been working with George for quite some time now and can only say the best words. Not only have we seen tremendous positive impact on our results, but George is also a great mentor to our colleagues.
SPIROS PETROU CEO | Red Raven Eyewear May 19, 2022, Spiros was YOCTO’s client
I have been working with George for more than 2 years and I can tell he is a true expert on his subject.

He is really organised with his work and always consistent on meeting his deadlines.

The ROI was more than 10x for our company.

I would highly suggest to anyone serious about e-commerce to work with George.
SAVVAS ZORTIKIS Co-founder & CEO of Viral Loops (acquired) April 11, 2022, Savvas was YOCTO’s client
We're very happy to have worked with George and his team on one of our e-commerce projects! He's a real expert in email marketing and e-commerce marketing in general. We saw a positive ROI within 30-45 days of starting. Very organized, easy to work with, he really goes the extra mile and it shows. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you'd like to go to the next level.
EVALDAS EINIKIS Growth Lead for DTC Brands January 4, 2022, Evaldas was YOCTO’s client
George knows his stuff :). Need a converting copy? He’ll do it. Want to improve your email marketing game? He’ll help.

Honestly, from the beginning of our collaboration results keep going up! What I really like about his work is his attention to detail and that he dives deep to understand the customer. Great guy to work with if you want to get to another level.
DANAS KURLAVIČIUS Head of Email Marketing | FastingSolutions November 23, 2021, Danas was YOCTO’s client
Exceptional attention to detail. Expert in email marketing. Content converts really well.
ALVYDAS OPULSKIS CEO at HW.Media September 14, 2021, Alvydas was YOCTO’s client
"Amazing" is the word that first comes to mind when asked to describe George Kapernaros. He is an awesome conversion copywriter and a great email marketing specialist.