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December 5, 2023

Meet the Team: Spotlight on Max Riabchynskyi

Meet Max Riabchynskyi: Senior Marketing Strategist

Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on Max, our Senior Marketing Strategist.

Beyond the world of pixels and campaigns, Max is a force of nature with a penchant for outdoor adventures, including marathons, skiing escapades, and firing up the grill for a classic BBQ.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Max’s true passion lies in helping our clients navigate the intricate realm of email marketing with finesse.

Let’s delve into a quick Q&A session to get to know him a bit better:

Q: When did you start your journey in marketing?

A: “My journey began in 2014, not as an email marketer initially, but in sales for an email marketing software provider. In this role, I assisted clients in setting up their accounts, part of my work that I believe played a pivotal role in my transformation into an email specialist.”

Q: What’s been the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of your role at YOCTO thus far?

A. “I find continuous learning and facing new challenges to be the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of my role at YOCTO. Despite being in the industry for almost 10 years, the company’s dedication to ongoing improvement and perfection motivates me to experience constant growth and take on new challenges.”

Q: Are there any significant projects or campaigns that you’re proud to have worked on?

A: “If we’re talking about my work at YOCTO, I take pride in the Mira Project. Through collaborative efforts, we achieved a x10 increase in revenue. The project presented complexities in both setup and management, resulting in fascinating and rewarding outcomes.”

    Q: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for those aspiring to become Senior Strategists?

    A: “I would say always keep a passion for trying new things and testing new ideas. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; you won’t find out if it works until you test it.”

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