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November 9, 2023

Meet the Team: Spotlight on Bobi Jonceski

Get to know Bobi, our Email Marketing Maestro AKA Email Marketing Manager!

Bobi kicked off his marketing journey by working with a seasonal brand and has since evolved into managing larger brands.

Let’s get to know his journey a bit better: 

Q: When did you start your journey in marketing? 

“I started my journey with a smaller seasonal brand that was focused on selling Christmas products. While I had some prior experience, managing a client directly brought a fresh set of challenges and a whole lot of learning along the way.”

Q: Can you share how this journey has evolved over time?

“A few months after starting with my first client I switched to working with two new bigger brands, which had higher growth expectations, and it was a completely new challenge for me. This was a period when I grew a lot, as I had to adapt and learn new things fast in order to keep up, but it was also very fulfilling. Since then I have been involved in various other projects and clients and learned valuable experience from each.”

Q: What part of your role has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling?

“The most enjoyable and fulfilling part of my role is the satisfaction of seeing my clients’ businesses grow due to my efforts. Also working with a bunch of very talented and hard-working people with unique personalities at YOCTO has also been a pleasure.”

Q: Are there any memorable projects or campaigns that you’re particularly proud of?

“There have been many great moments that we’ve shared with the team, if I had to choose one, it would be the time we helped increase a supplement brand’s revenue by 364% in the first 4 months of working together.”

Q: What’s been your most significant professional or personal growth achievement since joining YOCTO?

“Working closely with George Kapernaros has been an absolute pleasure. Being involved in the company since the very beginning we went through a lot of ups and downs which helped me make immense professional but also personal progress. Being surrounded by such professionals makes you develop great work qualities such as relentlessness, work ethic, responsibility, and teamwork.”

Q: Any words of advice for those looking to enter the field of email marketing?

“My only advice would be to go at it with 150%. If you’re really passionate about it and want to get good at it, you will eventually get your chance and find your place in the email marketing space, one way or another.”

When Bobi isn’t working, you’ll find him deeply engrossed in sports.

He’s quite the competitor and loves the thrill of winning (and yes, he’s not shy to toss in some playful trash talk for good measure!).

Whether it’s a game of football, chess, table tennis, carts, bowling, or anything else, he’s all in. But hey, losing? That’s a tough one, especially when the trash talk doesn’t quite hit the mark!

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