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October 11, 2023

Client Onboarding Process at YOCTO: Here’s What to Expect

Diving into a new agency partnership can be daunting when you’re left in the dark. We wrote this article so we cut through uncertainty right from the start. We lay out our client onboarding process with clear, step-by-step detail, eliminating all confusion.

We bring years of industry knowledge to the table, focusing on creating tailored strategies designed to elevate your brand, boost customer profits, and drive sales. Here’s what you can expect by working with us.

Meet Your Strategic Allies at YOCTO

Our team consists of: 

✓ Email & SMS Strategists. Who’ve worked agency and brand side, having managed accounts with millions of subscribers

✓ Direct Response Copywriters. Who’ve consistently out-converted client content in statistically valid tests

✓ Designers. Who know how to bring your premium brand to life while also increasing click-through rates

✓ Operations Pros. Who’ll ensure we’re on (or ahead) of schedule, and work together as an extension of your team

Depending on your requirements, we’re happy to work with your in-house content team too. This model is more appropriate for smaller brands that have a limited budget, and for really big brands, that have an experienced, dedicated email marketing content team in-house. 

Initial Contact & Audit Process

Socratic Interview: Our journey starts with a no-pressure dialogue, a space where we learn about your pain points and strategic priorities. It’s essential for us to ensure our visions align; if we discern that we’re not a good fit, we’ll happily connect you to someone who suits your needs better.

The duration of this call ranges between 15 to 40 minutes. For best results, be sure to invite all key stakeholders and decision-makers during this first contact. 

Access Account & Audit: If we are a good fit, we request ‘Manager’ level access to your account, complying with any NDAs if necessary. We then proceed with a comprehensive account audit, identifying gaps and opportunities, culminating in a value-rich slide deck, beneficial whether we collaborate further or not.

The duration to conduct the audit ranges from 3 to 5 business days from the initial contact.

Audit Presentation: We prepare and walk you through our audit slide deck, that highlights all gaps and opportunities within your account. The purpose of this is to provide you with genuine value, whether we work together or not.

The audit is ready to be presented immediately after it is complete. Experience shows this tends to be within 1 week from the initial contact. 

Contractual Agreement: If you are happy to continue with us as one of our managed merchants, we can sign a contract right after the audit is presented. We work with monthly retainers, and the first invoice is sent at the beginning of our second month together.

This is intentional and designed to eliminate all of the risk for you, as that’s plenty of time to “earn back” our retainer fees. We’re able to afford to do this as we have exceptional client retention rates, with a 100% client retention rate as of October 2023, which gives us excellent cash flow. 

Optimal Strategist-to-Client Ratio: The YOCTO Advantage:

YOCTO has one of the best strategist-to-client ratios in the industry, ensuring each account receives the meticulous attention and innovation it deserves. With a maximum of 3 accounts per strategist, compared to the industry norm of 10+, we guarantee a focused and insightful approach to each brand’s unique needs and strategic priorities.

Client Onboarding Process

Onboarding Questionnaire: The moment we sign the contract, a comprehensive questionnaire is provided, covering diverse aspects of your business, enabling a deeper understanding of pre and post-purchase customer stages, brand essence, and quarterly goals, accompanied by an optional technology audit.

New clients often remark that our onboarding questionnaire is intense. This is intentional. The more input we request from you at the beginning, the better we understand your brand. 

Kick-Off Call: When you complete the onboarding questionnaire, you’re redirected to a Calendly link to book a kick-off call at a time that’s suitable for you. This is typically two weeks post-contract signing, ensuring the introduction to the account management team and alignment on the next step, which is our strategy development phase.

Moreover, we’ll walk you through common behaviors that get in the way of success, so we can ensure we’re on the right track from day 1. Examples of behaviors that get in the way of success include:

✓ Delayed approvals, which delay results and prevent progress

 Frequent last-minute revisions, which increase the probability of human error 

 Private DMs instead of public communication, which leads to a lack of alignment

Strategy Development Phase: The initial two weeks are critical for strategy development. Our process is robust and intentional. Among other things, we place test orders on your store, deeply audit your technical setup and deliverability, visually map all your customer and subscriber journeys, develop, run, and analyze customer surveys, and design a zero-party data strategy for you. 

Synthesis & Strategy Presentation: All research points are synthesized to develop insights, finalizing the strategy in our first Strategy call. As soon as we’re aligned on strategy, we shift to execution mode, prioritizing quick wins and optimization before introducing new structures and technologies.

Monthly Cross-Account Audits:

Our service includes monthly cross-account audits, where our strategists meticulously review each other’s work, sparking new ideas and perspectives, all with zero disruptions to you. This practice enriches our strategies, infusing them with diverse insights and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

Communication Cadence, Channels, & Reporting

Clear communication, meticulous planning, and regular reporting are the linchpins of a successful partnership. Here’s how we achieve streamlined and impactful collaboration:

Real-time Interaction via Slack: Time is of the essence, especially in emergency situations. Our shared Slack channel enables instantaneous communication, allowing us to align swiftly and address urgent matters efficiently. This real-time interaction ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page and can respond promptly to any emerging needs or changes.

Organized and Efficient with ClickUp: Every piece of work gets documented in our ClickUp Project Management system. We smoothly onboard your team to this platform and even offer a specialized ClickUp onboarding course to ensure everyone is well-acquainted with the tool. This organized approach guarantees that each task is monitored and managed efficiently, fostering a productive and harmonious working environment.

Transparent Strategy Roadmap: Your journey with us is transparent. You have a clear view of everything – the progress made, the next steps, and the overall strategy roadmap. This clarity ensures that all parties are aligned with the goals and can effectively contribute to achieving them.

Bi-weekly Sprints & Reporting: We operate in 2-week sprints, ensuring that something significant is always underway. Our reporting cadence aligns with our operational rhythm, with impactful meetings every two weeks. This structured approach guarantees that each meeting is fruitful, focusing on substantial developments and strategic discussions.

Interested in Working with YOCTO?

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