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October 2, 2023

How We Increased A Supplement Brand’s Email Revenue By 368% in 4 Months.

Winston Loh, Business Development Manager at Vital Nutritive

Winston Loh

YOCTO’s team has the know-how and they are proactive on the initiatives to grow the brand and sales from email marketing in a holistic approach. Our confidence in letting Yocto manage the email marketing efforts has quickly grown into consistent revenue growth and brand stability.


Client: Vital Nutritive

Industry: Health & Wellness

List Size: +40,000.

ESP: Klaviyo.



1. Increased email revenue by 368% in the first 4 months of collaboration.

2. Grew the percentage of revenue generated by email from 8.9% to 33%.

Client Insights

Based in Barcelona, Vital Nutritive is a wellness brand that offers high-quality, safe supplements as a first line of defense against hair loss and to promote a healthier lifestyle to a global customer base.

We started our collaboration in January 2023, by fully managing their email marketing program including content production. Working together with Winston as the brand manager and our main point of contact, within only a few months the email marketing results were incomparable.

The Problem

The client was facing various challenges that were hampering their email marketing effectiveness upon starting our collaboration. New subscribers were experiencing spammy, and unoptimized onboarding experience which led to high spam and unsubscribe rates.

Their campaign strategy was underdeveloped. The sending frequency was low and inconsistent while the content was only tailored for promotions with no A/B testing and customer research. This resulted in only 15% of their total email revenue coming from campaigns.

Additionally, a very thin post-purchase experience that was preventing a lot of customers from making their second purchase with the brand.

What We Did

Nurturing Prospects To Buyers

Our first order of business was to revamp the content. And since we were in charge of producing the content internally, we rapidly started creating new flows.

Within the first 30 days, we launched new versions of all underperforming retargeting and onboarding flows. This gave us a big incremental boost in email revenue going forward that recurred monthly.

Then, through customer journey mapping, we identified and rectified overlapping flows that contributed to a poor customer experience. We also aligned our signup forms with our welcome series to set the right expectations, thereby reducing unsubscribe and spam rates.

Igniting The Campaign Performance

Before diving into campaigns, our content team developed a proprietary strategy known as Massaging Master. This strategy includes 4 parts, survey development, historical campaign analysis, {REDACTED} (learn more details on the other 2 parts upon booking a discovery call).

This strategy laid the foundation for a robust content calendar. We scaled from a few campaigns per month to three per week, constantly A/B testing different angles and content to find what works. 

All that, along with a new tiered segmentation strategy, helped us to quickly recover Vital Nutritive’s deliverability and increased the campaign revenue from 15% to 50% of the total email revenue within a few months.

Capitalizing on Existing Customers

We noticed that the client’s repurchase rate was very low. And a big reason for that was the brand’s weak post-purchase development.

To address this big issue, we created by creating personalized ‘Thank You’ and Cross-Sell flows per product. Giving each customer a great experience relevant to their purchase. But we were only scratching the surface at this stage.

Since the client is selling consumable products (supplements), we noticed a great chance to utilize their subscription program which was almost completely out of use before. We started by raising awareness of this program through our campaigns and ‘Thank You’ flow. 

But the real money-makers were the new replenishment flows that we created. Triggering based on the product SKU these flows would send a personalized subscription upsell email to all customers a few days before they empty their supplement stocks.


Utilizing Rewards Program

Subscribers had a great chance to earn points and redeem amazing rewards with Yotpo‘s rewards program. Sadly, most users weren’t even aware of it or the points they owned. To turn this around, we integrated Klaviyo with Yotpo and managed to set up various post-purchase loyalty enrollment and reward delivery flows which made the subscribers aware of this program and looking forward to earning more points.

Advanced LTV Flow

We’ve also set up advanced One-Time Customers LTV flow. Customers enter this flow upon making their first purchase, and the goal is to slowly nurture and convert them into second-time customers. We do this by automating a sequence of high-performing educational and promo emails that previously worked well as campaigns. We also personalize the emails based on the customers’ first order to cross-sell them the best complimentary supplement.



Monthly retention rate compared to 9.8% when starting to work together.


Email revenue share compared to 8.9% when starting to work together.

Is This A Happily Ever After?

Not quite, this amazing collaboration has a lot more to it. We’re now shifting our focus to fine-tuning and re-optimizing Vital Nutritive’s core email automations, thanks to the insights we’ve gained so far.

Success in email marketing isn’t a one-time achievement; it’s a continuous process. There are always new opportunities for growth, better results, and increased revenue. That’s our commitment to every client, and it could be our commitment to you as well.

Starting a partnership with us is straightforward. We’ll arrange a brief, no-strings-attached call to see if we’re the right fit for each other. If not, we’ll gladly recommend another agency that can better serve your needs. If we do click, we’ll initiate the process with a comprehensive review of your current email strategies. If you’re pleased with our initial findings (and we’re confident you will be), we’ll formalize our partnership with a monthly service agreement that you start paying only after the end of our first-month partnership.

Let’s talk. Trust us. We can likely help.

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