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July 4, 2023

How We Helped A Women’s Health Brand Reach 44% Revenue From Email in 60 Days

Dr. Adam Hamdi, Founder of @Myoovi

Adam Hamdi

YOCTO’s experience and know-how was easy to see from the first few weeks of working together and that led to immediate impact and results for our business.

The team has been super easy to work with and are always effective in the way they communicate and interact with us.

The fact that they have experience in the women’s health niche was a selling point for us and it has proven to be a great advantage as it is clear they understand our customer persona well.

Excited to continue working with the YOCTO team.


Client: Myoovi

Industry: Healthcare.

List Size: +45,000.

ESP: Klaviyo.



1. Increased increased revenue from email to 44% in two months (from 33% previously).

2. Increased the number of active subscribers by 55%. From 24,400 to 38,036 profiles.

Client Insights

Myoovi is a cutting-edge brand focused on women’s health. They offer a discreet and portable pain relief solution backed by science for women experiencing their monthly cycles. Myoovi approached us for help in improving their flow strategy and fixing their deliverability problems.

By addressing these key issues and implementing effective retention strategies, we achieved remarkable results in just two months!

The Problem

Upon initiating our collaboration, we identified three major stumbling blocks within the client’s operations:

  1. Deliverability concerns were pressing; their communications were increasingly condemned to recipients’ spam folders.
  2. Their lifecycle automation strategy was noticeably underdeveloped, creating a communication chasm with customers and resulting in a consequential sales deficit.
  3. They faced difficulties in capitalizing on their existing customer base, largely due to the product’s nature.

What We Did

Complete Deliverability Revamp

To address the deliverability challenges, we focused on 4 key strategies:

  • Establishing a new dedicated sending domain: We discovered that the client was operating via Klaviyo’s shared domain, resulting in our emails frequently being dispatched to spam. Consequently, we steered them towards setting up a unique domain, effectively hitting the reset button on our deliverability status.
  • Restructuring the segmentation strategy: The client’s practice of consistently sending emails to an expansive list, without adjustments based on email performance, was rapidly steering them toward a deliverability catastrophe. Our response entailed the creation of multi-tiered engagement segments, alongside various exclusion and re-engagement segments.
  • Harnessing transactional emails: We migrated all Shopify transactional emails to Klaviyo and enhanced them. This resulted in more visually appealing, branded emails that boasted exceedingly high engagement, further fortifying our deliverability standing.
  • Undertaking account cleanup: We initiated a series of re-engagement campaigns targeted at inactive profiles and purged those that remained unresponsive. This move decreased CRM expenses and elevated overall account health. To prevent future situations of this nature, we created automated workflows to either re-engage or dismiss users who exhibit signs of inactivity during various lifecycle stages.

Implementing Lifecycle Automation

Our primary objective was to incorporate advanced email CRO into the existing high-impact flows. These were noticeably under-optimized, which led to a significant loss of sales opportunities.

The main focus was on the Welcome Flow. Despite being arguably the most important flow, it is often neglected by brands.

What we did for Myoovi was to extend the flow significantly by adding seven new emails and one SMS. These new emails were a series short of quiz-like campaigns linked to blog content that featured a product.

Following these nurturing quiz emails, we employed other conversion copywriting sales tactics, such as the incentive ladder, low stock alerts, and plain text outreach, to convert the remaining users

In addition, we identified all missing automation opportunities from which Myoovi could benefit. In collaboration with the Myoovi content team, we rapidly created strategic, personalized content for each flow. This effectively bridged the gap in the customer lifecycle.

Capitalizing on Existing Customers

We commenced by entirely revamping the post-purchase experience. Brands often hone their focus on user conversion, overlooking the importance of a seamless post-conversion experience. To address this, we personalized and established new transactional emails, enhancing customer trust and significantly smoothing the overall experience.

Additionally, we refined the often-neglected ‘Thank You’ flow, a critical customer nurturing element. We tailored this to first-time and repeat buyers, ensuring personalized content for all. For new customers, we also added video tutorials and guides on how to use the product effectively. It doesn’t cost anything, but it helps create one great experience for the customer.

The subsequent objective was to re-convert these nurtured customers.

Our focus was two-fold:

Utilizing Referral Program

Our client was using Snowball’s referral program, yet it was entirely excluded from their messaging, leaving most users oblivious to its existence. We counteracted this by establishing flows using Snowball’s custom metrics, aimed at potential referrers, motivating them to take action. Additionally, we introduced it to all existing customers through one-off campaigns.

Utilizing Subscription Program

Similar to the referral scheme, the client was employing a subscription program for their complimentary product, yet it wasn’t being leveraged. We recognized the latent potential here and implemented dedicated upsell flows at various touchpoints throughout the customer post-purchase journey, promoting the subscription program as the optimal long-term solution.

Results Achieved In 60 Days of Starting


Revenue From Email (vs 34% before).


Active profiles (vs 24,400 before)

Is This A Happily Ever After?

Absolutely not. This is just the beginning of a promising journey with Myoovi. We’re planning to significantly enhance our retention strategies, explore the latest technology, and utilize personal data for more meaningful customer interactions. Despite our success so far, we’re committed to continuous learning and driving larger financial gains. This is the approach we take with all our clients, just like we could potentially do for your brand too.

Getting started is straightforward. It begins with a casual, no-obligation chat to understand each other better. If we’re not the right fit, we’ll guide you to an agency that is. But if we hit it off, we’ll start with a brief audit of your email program. Once you’re happy with the audit results (and we’re confident you will be), we’ll bring you on board with a monthly retainer and get down to business right away. We look forward to exploring how we can help your brand shine, just as we are doing for Myoovi.

Let’s talk. Trust us. We can likely help.

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