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February 27, 2024

How We Boosted An Outdoor Events Brand’s Email Campaign Revenue by +337% in 6 Months


Client: Mammutmarsch

Industry: Outdoor Events Organization (Hiking)

ESP: Klaviyo

List size: +60,000


  1. Boosted revenue share from 14% in April 2023 to 31% in October 2023
  2. Email revenue growth within this timeframe surged from €46.7K to €153.4K
  3. Email campaign revenue grew by +337% in 6 Months


Mammutmarsch is a well-respected brand known for hosting hiking experiences that cover distances from 30km to an impressive 100km throughout Germany and neighboring countries.

It has been operating for over a decade and has built a strong and loyal customer base. 

Some fans are so devoted that they’ve even tattooed the Mammutmarsch logo on themselves.

However, concerning their email marketing channel, we noticed a concerning trend. 

The revenue generated from email channels showed a decline, falling below our expectations and lagging behind other performance metrics.


Mammutmarsch, known for its loyal fanbase, surprisingly struggled with its email performance. 

Despite email being a key channel for customer retention, especially for repeat buyers and engaged audiences, it became clear that something was wrong. 

After conducting an investigation, we identified a specific issue that is contributing to the underperformance: list growth. 

Although we have a substantial customer database, a significant portion of it lacks explicit consent to receive emails. 

This presents a challenge as it hinders our ability to actively engage with these profiles, thus impeding our capacity to generate revenue from this untapped segment.

In response to this challenge, we implemented a series of strategic initiatives to address the issue.



To rejuvenate their list growth, we implemented 3 key strategies:

#1 Checkout Page Subscription Option: We created an option for potential customers to subscibe to the email marketing on their Checkout Page. This allowed us to collect valuable consent data.

#2 Newsletter Sign-Up Form: We introduced a sign-up form to entice new prospects into joining Mammutmarsch’s newsletter.

#3 Tailored Pop-up for Existing Customers: We crafted a separate pop-up that specifically targeted the existing customers who hadn’t given consent yet.

Within 6 months we were able to more than double the size of the consented profile list from just under 30K to 45.6K. 

Important to Note: 

We also chose not to employ a financial incentive in the Welcome pop-ups as it did not align with the brand’s strategy. Instead, we opted for educational materials as the incentive. While this may not perform as well as discounts, it still managed to attract a substantial number of subscribers and, ultimately, generate revenue.

So what was the game-changer here? 

The game-changer was the continuous optimization of the pop-up through A/B tests which aimed at improving submission rates. The most successful strategy that emerged was incorporating a pre-engagement screen within the pop-up, featuring three call-to-action buttons: 

By using the “Save For Later” button we offer a lesser commitment option – which resulted in more users clicking. 

Next, because of the psychological principle of consistency, more users felt inclined to complete the sign-up flow. 

This strategy doubled the submission rate of the pop-up from 2.19% to 4.32%. 


Mammutmarsch benefitted significantly from effective campaigns, as they were heavily influenced by upcoming events and their dates.

To enhance the campaign strategy, we focused on refining and optimizing it. We established a consistent sending cadence and increased campaign frequency. Additionally, we implemented a segmentation strategy to avoid oversaturating unengaged segments.

By delving into customer behaviors and conversion trends, we identified the optimal timing for event promo campaigns. This strategic approach ensured that our messaging reached the right audience at the right time.

Our combined efforts in list growth and campaign optimization led to substantial increases in key performance metrics:

✔ We boosted the Campaign Click Rate by +141%.

✔ Campaign Unique Clicks saw an impressive uptick of +420%.

✔ Campaign Conversion Rate experienced a noteworthy boost of +100%.

✔ Campaign Revenue witnessed a substantial increase of +337%.


Once the pop-up was optimized, we then delved deeper and focused on these four key aspects:

#1 Loyalty Program: Introduced to incentivize repeat purchases. Mammutmarsch recognized the value of rewarding loyalty and introduced a robust Loyalty Program. This initiative not only delighted existing customers but also served as a powerful motivator for repeat purchases, contributing significantly to the overall revenue surge.

#2 Personalized Retargeting Flows: We prioritized crafting content that catered specifically to the needs of both potential and existing customers, aligning with their distinct paths. Through the implementation of Personalized Retargeting Initiatives, we ensured that every individual received personalized content tailored to their journey, ultimately driving stronger engagement and facilitating greater conversion rates.

#3 Revamped Post-Purchase Flows: With the introduction of additional features aimed at improving interaction and income, the Post-Purchase Flows underwent strategic adjustments. These changes contributed to Mammutmarsch’s increased engagement and revenue generation from recent purchasers. This update played a significant role in the brand’s journey toward notable achievements.

#4 New Site Abandonment and Winback Flows: Alongside campaign enhancements, we tackled revenue opportunities by addressing new site abandonment and deploying win-back flows. Tailored strategies for abandoned site users and personalized win-back efforts efficiently re-engaged customers and recovered sales, contributing significantly to revenue growth.

The results speak volumes:

✔ 3X Post-Purchase Flow Revenue

✔ +125% increase in Pre-Purchase Flow Revenue

✔ Total Flow Revenue increased by €39.5K in 6 months


Not quite. 

We’re thrilled with our collaboration thus far and have already shifted our focus to:

✔ Continuous optimization of flows.  

✔ A/B testing new and improved designs.

✔ A/B testing more interactive campaigns. 

While we’re observing positive results, it’s crucial to acknowledge that email marketing is an ongoing process with opportunities for even better outcomes and increased earnings.

If you’re interested in achieving similar success and would like to explore working together, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We can schedule a commitment-free call to discuss whether we’re a good fit. 

If not, we’re happy to recommend another agency that might be a better match. 

If things look promising, we’ll start by thoroughly reviewing your current email strategies. 

If you’re pleased with our findings (and we’re confident you will be), we’ll formalize our partnership with a monthly service agreement, and you’ll begin payment only after the first month of working together. 

Here’s to the potential of a fruitful partnership ahead! 

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