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December 29, 2022

How We Helped A Health And Wellness Brand Earn $1M Revenue From Email Per Week

Magdalena Pocė, Email Marketing Manager at ColonBroom

YOCTO’s team is super professional. Not only in doing their job perfectly, but also in providing support, answers to all needed questions, and practical help to drive results. Great ideas, innovative approach to Email Marketing, and honest, clear communication. This is what you can expect from YOCTO. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks!


Client: ColonBroom.

Industry: Health and Wellness.

List Size: 2.5M+.

ESP: Klaviyo.



  1. $1M in revenue per week by email on last-click attribution.
  2. Landing page update that shot conversion rate from 4.09% to 8.18%.

Client Insights

ColonBroom is a health and wellness company that aims to improve people’s gut health, reach their target weight, reduce bloating and cleanse their bodies. The brand’s marketing team consists of world-class experts that constantly innovate both on the acquisition and the CRM level.

YOCTO teamed up with ColonBroom’s email marketing expert team, led by Magdalena Pocė, to develop and execute ColonBroom’s Q4’s campaign strategy. Our goal was to maximize revenue, and we’re pleased to report we beat both ColonBroom’s & YOCTO’s BFCM record, peaking at over 1M in email revenue a week on last-click attribution.

The Challenge

Despite the brand’s enormous success, ColonBroom doesn’t have a wide product catalog, which makes developing a high-frequency email calendar difficult. However, the brand was enjoying fantastic deliverability and had giant email segments, which meant every empty calendar day was a huge revenue opportunity.

In total, we decided to send a total of 62 bespoke campaign emails from the start of October to the end of November, targeting different segments of ColonBroom’s audience, including past customers. We worked with ColonBroom’s team to finalize the promotional strategy, segmentation, and conversion content, creating progressive offers that ramped up in value and urgency over time.

Identifying the top-performing sales angles

Given the stakes and size of the project, our goal was to develop the best possible conversion content. Anything less than beating ColonBroom’s revenue records would be considered a failure.

As such, we spent an enormous amount of time comprehensively analyzing historical results, auditing the brand’s historical content, and performing net new conversion research.

In the end, we came up with an inventory of sales angles we felt extremely confident in. In parallel, we dynamically adapted content production as days passed, updating content production weekly according to performance results.

The Landing Page Opportunity

When it comes to email conversions, the email content itself is only half the story. The post-click landing page experience is often the unsung hero that closes the sale. One of our first action steps was suggesting content updates on ColonBroom’s custom email landing page, then testing that page on a small user sample before sending our biggest email campaigns. Despite keeping the offer identical between the two variants, the results were truly spectacular.

The control page scored a conversion rate of 4.09%

Whereas the winning variant scored an amazing 8.18%.

The decision to tweak and optimize the post-click lander unlocked incredible revenue potential in our future campaigns.

Split-testing new email layouts

YOCTO’s team proposed an updated email template to ColonBroom, which featured a new visual hierarchy and incorporated a variety of new sales assets, including social proof, personalization variables, and multiple distinct calls to action.

Our goal was twofold. Provide a complete conversion message to skimmers in a quick way that minimized cognitive overload and spurred them to take action quickly while also making sure we provided enough information for more involved readers, fully addressing all of the potential purchase barriers we had identified.

These new layouts were split-tested and outperformed ColonBroom’s control versions, becoming a staple in ColonBroom’s major promotional events.

Our Process

Knowledge Sharing

At YOCTO, we recognize that winning is a team effort. Instead of safeguarding internal know-how, we held nothing back and shared everything we knew with ColonBroom’s team, just like they did with us.

Deep Collaboration

During Q4, we communicated dynamically with ColonBroom’s team, reviewing results together and constantly tweaking and fine-tuning our strategy, segments, and content based on data.

The Results

Together, we managed to drive over 1M+ in direct revenue via email per week. This is based on last-click attribution and is both YOCTO’s and ColonBroom’s record. However, what might be instructive here is to hear directly from Magdalena Pocė, ColonBroom’s Email Manager, describing her experience working with YOCTO:

“YOCTO’s team is super professional. Not only in doing their job perfectly but also in providing support, answers to all needed questions, and practical help to drive results. Great ideas, innovative approach to Email Marketing, and honest, clear communication. This is what you can expect from YOCTO. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks!”

Is this a happily ever after?

Not quite. It’s merely just the start. Our partnership with ColonBroom continues and is now switching the focus to improving and re-optimizing ColonBroom’s core conversion automations, thanks to the huge idea backlog we developed after our Q4 experience.

If we’ve learned one thing over the years, is that there’s never a finish line when it comes to performance. You can always keep driving bigger learnings and bigger financial wins. It’s what we strive to do for every single one of our clients. Just like we could, potentially, for your brand too. 

Getting started is easy. We’ll have a short, no-obligation call to meet each other. If we’re not a good fit for whatever reason, we will refer you to an agency that can serve you better than we could. If we are, we’ll start with a quick audit of your email program. If you’re thrilled with the results of that audit (experience shows you will be), we’ll sign you up on a monthly retainer and start improving your email results right away.

Let’s talk. Trust us. We can likely help.

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